Kentucky Circle Village

Jane Walp and Pat Stromberg are retiring from representing GMPC on the Board of Kentucky Circle Village after over ten years of service. In the late 1950’s our downtown church, First Presbyterian Church, along with other churches, realized that their members were living longer than their finances could support and needed more affordable housing. Led by Merv and Bettie Craft from First Presbyterian Church, this group found property east of Colorado Blvd. on Kentucky Ave. upon which to build housing affordable to seniors. (First Presbyterian members moved to Green Mt. Presbyterian.) We now need one or two new members to represent Green Mt. Presbyterian as part-owners to serve with Dermot Ross-Brown on the KCV board, which meets every other month at 6:30pm. It's an exciting time for Kentucky Circle Village with a super Director in Julie and new renovations of buildings and grounds for the 50-year-old facility. Please consider representing GMPC. To learn more please see Pat or Jane or Dermot.