"Free for Fifty Campaign"

     Join us for the 7th Annual Denver Freedom Walk, “Free for Fifty Campaign”!  Freedom Bringer and Founder of Free for Fifty, Becca Bretz has been supporting CSI and has been a champion of our cause for freedom for 6 years. Supported by friends at Green Mountain Presbyterian Church in Lakewood, Colorado, and Reverend Heidi McGinness, CSI Director of Outreach, Becca’s annual events have freed 1200 enslaved Sudanese!


    In Sudan violent jihad has touched hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese... families torn apart, kidnapped, terrorized, and forced into jihadi slavery. Because of donors like you CSI is freeing, feeding, and healing tens of thousands of our brutalized brothers and sisters  held in the north of Sudan and returning them home to South Sudan to family, community and church.


    Please click on http://www.freeforfifty.com/ … all donations will be pledged for Slave Liberation; a donation of only $50 will free one suffering slave.


     Thank you for being a modern-day abolitionist, and God bless

you. Together we’re able to be His hands and feet… standing for

justice and freedom for the terrorized, victimized, and enslaved

because they are Christian and black Sudanese.