Financial Secretary Notes

Notes from the Financial Secretary:

           2017 Giving Statements for tax purposes are available in the Narthex. Please pick up yours promptly.

·        * Please pick up your 2018 Giving Envelopes in the narthex on Dec. 17 – everyone gets a box assigned - but do NOT use them until 2018!

When you open your 2018 Giving Envelopes you’ll find several special envelopes: one for Initial Offering, one for Per Capita Apportionment, and four PCUSA Special Offering envelopes.

       Your Initial Offering dedicates the year to God, “honoring the Lord with your substance and the first fruits of all your produce.” [Proverbs 3:9]  It is used to buy all our various offering envelopes as well as other operational items. 

      The Per Capita Apportionment is $31 for our portion of support of the Presbyterian Church USA.  We share in these expenses because our denomination benefits from being part of a representa-tive government. Please help our general fund by paying your apportionment.

      You’ll find the four PCUSA Special Offerings envelopes at the back of the month in which they occur: One Great Hour of Sharing in April; Pentecost Offering in May; Peace & Global Witness in September; and Christmas Joy in December.

      If you have any questions about Initial Offering or Per Capita Apportionment please call bookkeeper Kathy Ziegenfus.

·         *Giving Statements for 2017 will be available in the narthex on Jan. 14 – please take yours promptly.

·         *Please turn in any 2017 receipts or bills for payment as soon as possible.