Annual Garage Sale

Thank You! to so many people who stepped up so quickly to volunteer for the Garage Sale – you’re wonderful, and we’re so grateful!


But we still have many open spots for both cashiers and the coffee cart baked goods sales – can you help??


Please stop by the table in the narthex to sign up for as many shifts as you can manage – we must get these jobs covered!


It’s time to start ramping up for the event of the summer: the annual Garage Sale – Aug. 25-26 and Sept. 1-2.  Many of the jobs may be done seated, requiring no walking, and the 2-hour shifts zip by; plus, you get to see lots of friends and community acquaintances and enjoy a free picnic lunch with other workers. The proceeds from the Garage Sale help pay for our solar panels which, when paid off, will greatly reduce our cost of building operations.  If you cannot volunteer please consider donating lunches to the pre-Sale workers or to the cost of foods for the Sale.  Thanks so much!