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St. James Presbyterian Church

Save the date for a delicious fundraiser for ZimKidZ:

    On Saturday, Nov. 4th there’ll be a Soup Supper at St. James Pres. Church – “A Cup of Soup for a Cup of Water” – where all proceeds will go toward boreholes to supply fresh water to schools in Zimbabwe

Please stop in the narthex to buy your Safeway and/or King Sooper renewable grocery cards that cost you nothing but return rewards to GMPC just for using them for the grocery shopping you’re going to do anyway!  And remember to “reload” them at the store – we get credit for every reload!  Safeway asks that we have our Rewards Cards verified at their service desk.  We will have new cards for you to buy in November.

In anticipation of pastor Gretchen's sermon series and her upcoming sabbatical we will offer weekly quotes that reflect the essence of the sabbath.